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Interplanetary and ionosphere scintillation produced by ICME 20.12.2015.

Chashei I.V., Tyul'bashev S.A., Shishov V.I., Subaev I.A.
Lebedev Physical Institute,  Russian Academy of Sciences

Space Weather: The International Journal of Research and Applications http://dx.doi.org/10.1002/2016SW001455

Observational data of scintillation monitoring with typical time about 1 s at the frequency 111 MHz are presented for the period between December 18 and December 23 when ICME of flare origin resulted in the geomagnetic storm on December 20-21.2015 with Dst ≈ - 200 nT. Our estimates show that the mean ICME speed between the solar corona and the start of IPS enhancement is close to the mean speed between the corona and the Earth. The strong increase of the night time scintillation level is observed after ICME coming to the Earth. Scintillation analysis of the individual radio sources shows that the 1 s night scintillation are of ionospheric origin and can be explained by an order increase of irregularities drift speed in the disturbed ionosphere.

Key words: solar wind dynamics study using interplanetary scintillation monitoring; interplanetary scintillation level enhancements produced by propagating large scale disturbances of flare origin; ionospheric origin of fast night time scintillation during geomagnetic storm