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  1. Collisions of Be, Fe, Mo and W atoms and ions with hydrogen isotopes: Electron capture and electron loss cross sections
    Journal of Physics B: Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics
    Tolstikhina I.Y., Litsarev M.S., Kato D., Song M.-Y., Yoon J.-S., Shevelko V.P.
    2014г. т. 47 номер 3 тип: статья

    DOI - 10.1088/0953-4075/47/3/035206
    Scopus id - 2-s2.0-84892922547

  2. Comparative studies of ion-pair formation and resonant quenching processes in collisions of Rydberg atoms with the alkaline-earth atoms
    Journal of Physics B: Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics
    Narits A.A., Mironchuk E.S., Lebedev V.S.
    2014г. т. 47 номер 1 тип: статья

    DOI - 10.1088/0953-4075/47/1/015202
    Scopus id - 2-s2.0-84890727552

  3. A scheme of plasmon excitation at the interface between metal and a photonic crystal
    Journal of Experimental and Theoretical Physics
    Kuznetsova T.I., Raspopov N.A.
    2014г. т. 118 номер 3 стр.. 455-461 тип: статья

    DOI - 10.1134/S1063776114020149
    Scopus id - 2-s2.0-84926330181

  4. Spectroscopic diagnostics of the solar coronal plasma
    Plasma Physics Reports
    Slemzin V.A., Goryaev F.F., Kuzin S.V.
    2014г. т. 40 номер 11 стр.. 855-892 тип: статья

    DOI - 10.1134/S1063780X14110051
    Scopus id - 2-s2.0-84920989149

  5. Superradiance of a degenerate exciton gas in semiconductors with indirect fundamental absorption edge
    JETP Letters
    Krivobok V.S., Nikolaev S.N., Bagaev V.S., Lebedev V.S., Onishchenko E.E.
    2014г. т. 100 номер 5 стр.. 306-310 тип: статья

    DOI - 10.1134/S0021364014170081
    Scopus id - 2-s2.0-84920920941

  6. Growth and magneto-optical properties of Na0.37Tb0.63F2.26 cubic single crystal
    Crystallography Reports
    Karimov D.N., Sobolev B.P., Ivanov I.A., Kanorsky S.I., Masalov A.V.
    2014г. т. 59 номер 5 стр.. 718-723 тип: статья

    DOI - 10.1134/S1063774514050083
    Scopus id - 2-s2.0-84920279239

  7. Nanoscale metal oxide particles produced in the plasma discharge in the liquid phase upon exposure to ultrasonic cavitation. 2. Sizes and stability. Dynamic light scattering study
    Bulletin of the Lebedev Physics Institute
    Burkhanov I.S., Chaikov L.L., Bulychev N.A., Kazaryan M.A., Krasovskii V.I.
    2014г. т. 41 номер 10 стр.. 297-304 тип: статья

    DOI - 10.3103/S1068335614100054
    Scopus id - 2-s2.0-84919912594

  8. Study of the nanobubble phase of aqueous NaCl solutions by dynamic light scattering
    Quantum Electronics
    Bunkin N.F., Shkirin A.V., Burkhanov I.S., Chaikov L.L., Lomkova A.K.
    2014г. т. 44 номер 11 стр.. 1022-1028 тип: статья

    DOI - 10.1070/QE2014v044n11ABEH015462
    Scopus id - 2-s2.0-84916593350

  9. Parametric down conversion frequency-angle spectrum modeling
    2014 International Conference on Computer Technologies in Physical and Engineering Applications, ICCTPEA 2014 - Proceedings
    Morozova A.N., Panov A.D., Pruchkina A.A., Rytikov G.O., Tscherbina O.A.
    2014г. т. стр.. 122-123 тип: публикация конференции

    DOI - 10.1109/ICCTPEA.2014.6893314
    Scopus id - 2-s2.0-84908671358

  10. Photonic bandgap examination in an immersed synthetic opal
    Applied Physics B: Lasers and Optics
    Vasnetsov M.V., Orlova T.N., Bazhenov V.Y., Shevchuk A.S., Kudryavtseva A.D., Tcherniega N.V.
    2014г. т. 116 номер 3 стр.. 541-548 тип: статья

    DOI - 10.1007/s00340-013-5730-9
    Scopus id - 2-s2.0-84906789204

  11. Influence of relativistic effects on electron-loss cross sections of heavy and superheavy ions colliding with neutral atoms
    Journal of Experimental and Theoretical Physics
    Tolstikhina I.Yu., Tupitsyn I.I., Andreev S.N., Shevelko V.P.
    2014г. т. 119 номер 1 стр.. 1-7 тип: статья

    DOI - 10.1134/S1063776114060211
    Scopus id - 2-s2.0-84906684381

  12. Study of nonlinear light scattering in water in the region of the second optical harmonic of laser radiation
    Bulletin of the Lebedev Physics Institute
    Babenko V.A., Sychev A.A.
    2014г. т. 41 номер 7 стр.. 209-213 тип: статья

    DOI - 10.3103/S1068335614070070
    Scopus id - 2-s2.0-84906551382

  13. A Challenging Solar Eruptive Event of 18 November 2003 and the Causes of the 20 November Geomagnetic Superstorm. III. Catastrophe of the Eruptive Filament at a Magnetic Null Point and Formation of an Opposite-Handedness CME
    Solar Physics
    Uralov A.M., Grechnev V.V., Rudenko G.V., Myshyakov I.I., Chertok I.M., Filippov B.P., Slemzin V.A.
    2014г. т. 289 номер 10 стр.. 3747-3772 тип: статья

    DOI - 10.1007/s11207-014-0536-4
    Scopus id - 2-s2.0-84904397722

  14. Spontaneous decay rates of the hyperfine structure atomic states into an optical nanofiber
    Journal of Experimental and Theoretical Physics
    Masalov A.V., Minogin V.G.
    2014г. т. 118 номер 5 стр.. 714-722 тип: статья

    DOI - 10.1134/S1063776114050057
    Scopus id - 2-s2.0-84904089959

  15. Electron impact multiple ionization of C+ and N+ and O+ ions
    Journal of Physics: Conference Series
    Lecointre J., Kouzakov K.A., Belie D.S., Defrance P., Popov Yu.V., Shevelko V.P.
    2014г. т. 488 номер SECTION 6 тип: публикация конференции

    DOI - 10.1088/1742-6596/488/6/062002
    Scopus id - 2-s2.0-84903712742

  16. Photoinduced charge redistribution and its influence on excitonic states in Zn(Cd)Se/ZnMgSSe/GaAs quantum-well heterostructures
    Physics of the Solid State
    Shevtsov S.V., Adiyatullin A.F., Sviridov D.E., Kozlovsky V.I., Kuznetsov P.I., Nikolaev S.N., Krivobok V.S.
    2014г. т. 56 номер 4 стр.. 801-811 тип: статья

    DOI - 10.1134/S1063783414040313
    Scopus id - 2-s2.0-84898953482

  17. A Challenging Solar Eruptive Event of 18 November 2003 and the Causes of the 20 November Geomagnetic Superstorm. I. Unusual History of an Eruptive Filament
    Solar Physics
    Grechnev V.V., Uralov A.M., Slemzin V.A., Chertok I.M., Filippov B.P., Rudenko G.V., Temmer M.
    2014г. т. 289 номер 1 стр.. 289-318 тип: статья

    DOI - 10.1007/s11207-013-0316-6
    Scopus id - 2-s2.0-84888002046

  18. Multiple-electron losses of highly charged ions colliding with neutral atoms
    Physica Scripta
    Litsarev M.S., Shevelko V.P.
    2013г. т. T156 тип: публикация конференции

    DOI - 10.1088/0031-8949/2013/T156/014037
    Scopus id - 2-s2.0-84888597347

  19. Method of generating a pulsed X-ray
    Proceedings of the International Conference on Advanced Optoelectronics and Lasers, CAOL
    Samoylovich M.I., Tcherniega N.V., Kudryavtseva A.D., Belyanin A.F.
    2013г. т. стр.. 408-410 тип: публикация конференции

    DOI - 10.1109/CAOL.2013.6657655
    Scopus id - 2-s2.0-84893799833

  20. The possibilities of the colorimetric method for measuring of wavelength's distribution of light radiation in standard and the RAW formats
    Proceedings of the International Conference on Advanced Optoelectronics and Lasers, CAOL
    Kraiski A.V., Mironova T.V., Sultanov T.T., Postnikov V.A.
    2013г. т. стр.. 346-348 тип: публикация конференции

    DOI - 10.1109/CAOL.2013.6657632
    Scopus id - 2-s2.0-84893795729

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